Did you know that the average worker in the US will have 11 distinct jobs during his career?

Technology is not the only thing that constantly keeps changing in today’s times. With technological advancements come the added challenge of skills becoming obsolete before you know it. If you do not brace yourself and upgrade your skills, you may as well bid goodbye to career growth.

Do you have the bandwidth to pursue more degrees, though? Can you afford to sit through classes while typing away a piece of code on your laptop for that pressing client deliverable at work? It does seem a herculean task! It is this very challenge that e-Learning solves. So what if learners are unable to bridge the distance towards education? e-Learning takes education right into learners’ laptops.

According to Small Business Trends, 98% of organizations will plan to use e-Learning by 2020, and it is predicted that by 2019 50% of all classes will be delivered online.

There are many big names in the field of e-Learning offering courses in various subjects.The biggest challenge, though, is finding the right course from the hundreds of courses listed online. There are also millions of quality trainers and training providers who are unable to reach prospective students for various reasons. Good quality courses get lost in the “search jungle”, becoming inaccessible to potential learners.

Did you know?
There are 50 million + searches each month for various topics, but a learner-provider match never really happens!

Get Me A Course was founded to bridge this gap between the learner and the trainer. The portal aims to achieve two fundamental goals –

  1. Establish an unbiased place for course providers to publish their courses without hassles
  2. Provide a single platform for learners to search, compare and select courses as per their needs, with just a click.

With over 150,000+ courses by 5000+ providers aggregated on the portal, Get Me A Course offers a world of knowledge on your plate, literally! What are you waiting for? Plug in your laptops and dive into the world of on-demand education, with a single mouse click!

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