With e-learning gaining popularity and becoming sought-after, course creators are in constant pressure to find new, innovative methods of designing compelling and engaging e-learning courses. Gamification is one of those novel ways that has the capability of capturing the learner’s attention.

Learners these days are increasingly distracted and have a very low attention span. Text-rich courses no longer garner learner’s attention. Gamification uses the principles of game mechanics to make learning fun, entertaining and memorable. 

Millennial learners are adept with modern technology. With social media and online games becoming the rage among the new-age learners, gamification is becoming increasingly popular in today’s e-learning setting.

Key benefits of gamification include:

  • Learning made fun
  • Enhance learner engagement
  • Enhance problem-solving capabilities
  • Provide a personalized learning experience
  • Reinforced learning

Let’s see where gamification is headed in the E-learning industry.

Connect to the modern, millennial learner

The majority of learners are millennials who are generally more restless with short attention spans. Designing an E-learning course that cater to them is a big challenge. Their connect with games makes gamification a boon to E-learning course providers.

Gamified LMS gaining popularity

Learning management systems (LMS) are embracing the new wave of gamification. Many LMSs are now incorporating gamification techniques like scores and  leaderboards that would help retain a learner’s interest. 

Amalgamate with other E-learning strategies

Although gamification can be used as a standalone learning strategy, the current trend is to use it as a mixed learning strategy. Gamification when amalgamated with AR and VR makes your course more immersive. Similarly, using gamification along with microlearning enhances learner engagement.

Gamification is the in-thing in corporate training

Corporate training programs are increasingly incorporating gamification into their training modules. Gamification makes it easy to categorize learning modules based on the level of expertise. Leaderboards, badges, and scores make learning at the workplace a fun-filled activity. Creating collaborative learning modules help bring in the element of team play.

Today’s learners are born in the digital age. While using gamification in your E-learning course, do not just limit yourself to leaderboards and badges. Think beyond providing instant, extrinsic value to the learner. What the learner actually wants is a long-lasting, intrinsic value that your course can provide.

With gamification, the possibilities are endless. Beat the boredom of your learners. Go the gamification way!


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